Strawberry Shrikand

strawberry shrikand

Shrikand is a popular Indian sweet  made using hung yogurt and sugar. It is a main dish in Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine..  There are many variations of shrikand – by adding almonds, mango or strawberry. The procedure to prepare this is very simple, just make sure that the yogurt is hung overnight so that all the water content is removed and you get a thick creamy residue. I read in another blog that sour cream added will give it an added zing… Well, maybe next time I will try it with the cream too..


  • Hung Yogurt – 2 cups (made from 4 cups of yogurt)
  • Sugar – ¾  cup (add according to sweetness required)
  • Strawberry – 10
  • Almonds chopped– few
  • Almonds, Pistachios for garnishing


  1. To get hung yogurt, keep 1 litre of yogurt in a muslin cloth and hang it overnight. The water from the yogurt will be removed and you will get a thick yogurt.
  2. Beat the strawberries and sugar in a blender. (adjust sugar according to your sweetness)
  3. Add it to the thick yogurt and mix well with a spoon. (Do not put the yogurt in the blender as it will loosen the consistency).
  4. Add almonds and chill for a few hours
  5. Decorate with almonds, strawberry , pistachios. (I did not have any pistas on hand.. so left it out.. )

Sending this as entry to Flavours of Maharashtra Event hosted by PJ and Naina.

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